Women and Memories

I have recently completed a new series, “Women and Memories”.  Women historically are the keepers of memories and family history and that came to mind while I was in San Miguel de Allende last September on a photographic trip.  I ventured outside of San Miguel to the town of Mineral de Pozos with three artist friends.  As I walked in the fog and light rain through the streets of the abandoned part of town among the silent buildings left standing, I began to think of the many lives had passed through here. The silver mine opened in 1576 but by by the time of the Mexican Revolution in 1910 many silver mines closed and here was no different.  In addition the hills were full of Catholic militants but the government was dominated by anti-Catholic forces so the residents of the town dwindled.

This comes back to my theme of “Women and Memories”.  In all but two photos I have included dim pictures of women which to me symbolizes the spirit of the women who lived in this mining town, raising their children and keeping the memories. You can see the composite photographs under the “Women and Memories” portfolio.

Currently this work is in Pez Gordo Gallery in San Jose del Cabo, BCS Mexico.