San Miguel de Allende Photo Trip

I have returned to San Miguel de Allende with my daughter to celebrate her 40th birthday but of course my camera is my constant companion also!  We have visited many new places and have two more days here to explore.  The last trip that I took here was in September of this year but I was by myself.  How much fun it is to share all the beauty that can be found in this wonderful place in the center of Mexico.  The rainy season has not started yet but we do have afternoon clouds and one can feel the nearness of the rains yet to come.  We have gone to Dolores de Hidalgo, where the Grito started the Mexican Revolution and tomorrow we will go to Guanajuato to the Cervantes Museum and the Diego Rivera Museum.

This young lad was dancing in the street and it took me a while to find the cause of the music I heard first.  We were in the Jardin and musicians and children dancing were following a procession honoring a Saint into the church.